Sustainable temperature regulating materials for clothing, home goods, footwear, and more.


Sustainable thermoregulation for clothing, home goods, footwear, and more.

Maximize performance
by staying comfortable to the core.

Man in Temperature Regulating Clothing and Suit - 37.5 Technology


Performance clothing made with temperature control fabric to help keep you cool and warm.

Bedding & Home Goods

Responsive textiles for dreamy bedding and furnishings that feel as good as they look.

Footwear & Accessories

Stay on your toes, whether you are running a marathon or a high-stakes meeting.

No Chemicals
No Sweat

37.5® Technology uses natural minerals to create the ultimate temperature control fabrics, insulations, foams, and laminates.

Whether you are working hard or resting easy, your performance and comfort depend on controlling moisture and maintaining an ideal temperature. Our sustainable thermoregulation technology stops moisture at the vapor stage and uses your body’s own energy to help keep you cool or warm.
Woman in Bedding Fabric Keeping Cool and Warm - 37.5 Technology
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A study at CU Boulder recorded up to a 26% increase in athletic performance while wearing thermoregulation clothing powered by 37.5® Technology

Man Testing Thermoregulation Performance Wear on Bike - 37.5 Technology

Expand Your Comfort Zone

Wicking fabrics simply spread moisture. Climate control fabrics with 37.5® Technology actually remove moisture vapor before it turns into liquid sweat, so you stay in your comfort zone longer.

Regulate Your Humidity

See how 37.5 Technology controls moisture and humidity to keep you dry, comfortable, and performing your best.

Temperature Regulating Sneakers in Forest - 37.5 Technology

Less Odor

Unlike other synthetic materials, our natural minerals trap odors and release them in the wash. Products come out smelling fresh—wash after wash, use after use. You can count on the temperature regulating fabrics and materials powered by 37.5 Technology to smell good no matter how much wear they get.

Logger with Saw in Temperature Control Workwear - 37.5 Technology

Longer Lasting

Our minerals are permanently embedded into fibers and yarns so that they never wash out, wear away, or stop performing. The responsive textiles and materials powered by 37.5 Technology perform better than traditional synthetics, even with heavy, daily use.

No Waste

We engineer our high performance yarns and fibers to stand up to a lifetime of wear and tear, but then to break down faster than traditional synthetics in a landfill environment. Unlike other synthetic yarns that sit in landfills for centuries, 37.5 sustainable yarns break down to naturally occurring materials over decades.*


Made from Nature

37.5 Technology is a sustainable solution for creating the world’s highest performing fabrics and materials.