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Climate control clothing with 37.5® Technology has been proven to decrease the rate of core temperature buildup, increasing athletic performance by up to 26%.
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Whether you’re training, competing, or recovering, your performance depends on staying in your comfort zone as long as possible.

Performance clothing powered by 37.5 Technology removes moisture before it turns into sweat, helping you maintain an ideal core temperature so that you can perform your best.

Did you know an elevated core temperature depletes your energy reserves and leads to decreased muscle endurance? Just by changing to temperature regulating clothing and footwear made with 37.5 Technology, you can increase your efficiency and use less energy to do the same amount of work. Go you.

Skier in Temperature Control Outdoor Performance Clothing - 37.5 Technology

Proven Results

In a study done by scientists at the University of Colorado Boulder, 37.5 Technology was scientifically proven to increase athletic performance by up to 26% by reducing core temperature buildup during activity.

Cyclist in Temperature Regulating Bike Clothing - 37.5 Technology