The Complete 37.5 Sleep System

The Base Layer

Mattress Pad
The first layer in the system is the mattress pad. Other mattress pads can trap moisture and create a clammy microclimate, but a mattress pad with 37.5 technology captures and releases moisture before it has a chance to build up. This mattress pad is made with 37.5 technology batting covered by a plain-weave cotton blend containing 37.5 technology and finished with a double-needle stitch.

Pillows made are constructed with 37.5 technology insulation covered in plain weave cotton blend fabric with 37.5 technology.

The Mid Layer

For maximum comfort and breathability along with a luxurious hand, this sheet set with 37.5 technology has been made with a premium cotton yarn and finished in a smooth sateen weave.

The Outer Layer

The outer layer of the sleep system is the comforter with 37.5 technology. Insulation with 37.5 technology is encased in a 300 threadcount cotton blend cover with 37.5 technology to provide a perfect balance of comfort all night. We offer two weights of comforter for seasonality and personal preference.

Duvet Cover
A duvet cover can noticeably alter the breathable comfort of the duvet inside it. With this in mind, the system includes a duvet cover with 37.5 technology that won’t block the benefits of the blanket or down comforter while giving the bed a finished look. This duvet cover is made with premium cotton-blend yarn and 37.5 technology with a windowpane finish and has a hidden button closure and internal ties.