5 Reasons Why You Want 37.5 Technology on Your Feet

Anyone who has taken their shoes off after a long day knows that feet sweat a lot. Whether you’re running an ultramarathon, cycling over a mountain pass, working outdoors all day, or just running between meetings, the key to comfort and performance is dry feet – no matter what the conditions may be.
To that end, 37.5 has pushed the envelope of material engineering to deliver a fabric that breathes incredibly well and dries exceptionally quickly. This fabric doesn’t just wick moisture, it evaporates moisture before it can turn into liquid sweat. Embedded inside the fibers are activated carbon particles derived from coconut shells that attract water vapor and expel it through an electrostatic reaction that vaporizes it almost instantly. This makes your feet cool when it’s hot, and warm when it’s cold. And, since it’s part of the actual material, it’ll never peel, flake, or wash out. It’s also naturally odor-resistant, a key benefit in any premium socks.
Fortunately, several forward-thinking brands have realized the amazing potential of 37.5 technology, creating socks that keep your feet dry during a variety of activities.



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Point6 is fully dedicated to Mother Nature’s’ wonder fiber: Merino wool. The only thing that could possibly improve on wool is adding 37.5 fibers, which is exactly what Point6 has done. The quality is unmatched, as the socks are crafted from imported premium wool, but are made in the USA and guaranteed for life.
For those who like the no-see-‘em look, check out the 37.5 Extra Light Crew. These ankle socks have ultra-light padding and are comprised of 56% wool, 4% spandex, and 40% nylon. Next up on the calf are the 37.5 Light Mini-Crews. They have a little extra padding and are made with 63% wool, 7% spandex, and 30% nylon. They’re perfect for everyday, too.
Work in an office environment? The taller Tactical Commanders have no cushion, so they fit dress shoes perfectly. They feature reinforced heels and toes, as well as ankle and arch support. They’re 66% wool, 5% Spandex, and 29% nylon.



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Carhartt has been making legendary work clothes in the United States since 1889, so they know a thing or two about hard-working feet. Their Force® Performance Work Crew Socks are pretty much standard work wear inside countless pairs of steel-toed boots. Made from a poly/37.5 blend, these lightweight (but durable!) socks have mesh cooling panels for extra ventilation, reinforced toes and heels, and spandex arches for support. They’re perfect for warm weather.
When it gets cooler, look to the Force Extremes® Wool Crew Socks. They have the same features as the Work Crews, but are a bit thicker and made from a wool/37.5 blend.


Mission is seriously passionate about performance. Every article of clothing they make is all about temperature regulation and moisture management, so it’s no surprise that they would turn to 37.5 tech for their socks. The Vaporactive Performance Crew Socks are made in the USA and have extra arch compression, which is perfect for people on their feet all day. These sporty socks are stealthy enough to be worn in the office, too.
When it’s all said and done, it’s time for recovery. Mission makes two kinds of compression socks: the Compression and Compression Superiors (they also make a calf sleeve). These left- and right-specific socks are made with a graduated compression to enhance recovery, improve circulation to reduce muscle fatigue, lessen the risk of swollen feet, and protect against blood clots. The key difference is that the Superiors offer more compression.


This award-winning brand hails from Sweden, showcasing a full range of sports and compression socks. A good place to start is with Gococo’s Light Sports : a short, seamless, lightweight sock is perfect for runners in hot temps. The Trail Runners are a little thicker and offer extra arch and ankle support to stabilize your feet if you often find yourself on uneven and rocky trails. Hardcore hikers love the Technical Cushion Socks. They have arch compression for support and a bit of extra cushion under the heels and foot pads for comfort and impact absorption. They are also right/left specific for added comfort and protection against blisters, abrasion, and wear.



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Few names have been more synonymous with hockey than Bauer. Since excelling on the ice means training hard off of it, start with the Low Cut Performance Socks. These everyday training socks have a knit-in arch support and unique Y-seam construction at the toes to improve fit and eliminate bunching.
When it’s time to skate, look to the NG Performance Skate Socks. There are two levels that include 37.5 fibers: the Elites and the Premiums. Both have Bauer’s knit-in arch support, strategic ventilation zones for added comfort, and their Y-seam construction. The Premiums take it a step further and have full cut protection from skate blades thanks to Kevlar fibers woven in.
When your feet are happy, your body is happy. Thanks to 37.5, the humble sock gets elevated to highly technical footwear that makes any excursion—indoors, or out, climbing mountains or climbing stairs—better and more comfortable. Grab a pair and get going.