6 Incredible Desert Adventures Across the World (and the Gear You Need to Go)

Not too long ago, desert adventures for outdoor enthusiasts meant trips into intimidating, inhospitable lands. Today, the deserts of the world have become destinations for incredible experiences, thanks to technological advancements that have developed better gear to keep you cool in the driest of lands. The key is keeping your body at the optimal temperature of 37.5 degrees Celsius, and 37.5 Technology does just that by creating fabric with a unique blend of volcanic sand. Incredibly, the particles help regulate the microclimate between your clothing and your skin to keep you cool when your body starts to get hot and keep you warm when your body starts to cool down just based on the amount of humidity next to your skin (just what you want for hot days and cold nights in the desert).
Whether you crave a climbing trip in Joshua Tree National Park, long to explore the moonlike terrain of the Atacama Desert of Chile, or hope to tour the historical structures and impressive deserts of Jordan, there is no better time to explore the planet’s desert regions. With the right gear, you’ll be ready to enjoy the following incredible desert adventures while staying cool and comfortable.

1. Climb in Joshua Tree

Known for its unique trees that require very specific conditions to thrive, Joshua Tree National Park is a world-famous climbing destination that offers a lifetime of routesto climb and countless boulders problems to solve.
Dressed in your Rab Merino Short Sleeve Tee, you’ll stay cool while crushing and jamming your way up to iconic views. Climbing here is unlike anywhere else in the world, thanks to a dry climate, grippy rock, and challenging routes. Joshua Tree is also an incredible place to stargaze, which means 24 hours of desert beauty.

2. Ride a Camel through Jordan’s Wadi Rum Desert

Take a camel ride through the desert for a unique experience.


Few deserts in the world offer the stunning scenery and mind-blowing architecture found in Jordan’s Wadi Rum desert. To best experience this scenic and ancient desert landscape, take a camel ride through the desert and spend a night in the desert under the stars.
During the day, a Minaret Aerowool shirt will keep you comfortable as you explore canyons that have been an important part of Bedouin culture for millennia. When in Jordan, do not miss the chance to explore the ruins of Petra.

3. Walk the Great Wall in Gansu and See the Zhangye Danxia Landform

While many overlook China when it comes to amazing desert adventures, the Gansu Province has two destinations just waiting to be explored. First is the Gobi Desertsection of the Great Wall of China. Along this lesser-visited section of the wall, run or walk for miles on end while staying cool in your 37.5 Salomon gear.
After wandering the wall, hike through the painted sandstone hills of the Zhangye Danxia Landform and see the power of erosion. From here, stay in Gansu and find even more desert excursions in the largely forgotten Gobi.

4. Hike or Bike Through the Atacama Desert in Chile

Explore the world’s driest desert while wearing the world’s best gear.

Best explored by mountain bike or on foot, dozens of jaw-dropping destinations will transform this moonlike landscape into your favorite desert destination. Known for out of this world stargazing, biking, and hiking, those with an unquenchable wanderlust spirit will find their match in the world’s driest desert.
Decked out in the latest and greatest collaboration between Original Mountain Marathon (OMM) and 37.5 Technology, you’ll stay cool and comfortable when exploring the geysers, sand dunes, mountains, and salty lagoons of Chile’s Atacama Desert or biking to Coyote Lookout. And when the temperatures drop while you’re stargazing at Monjes de la Pacana, that OMM jacket will keep you comfy.

5. Explore Sand Dunes in the Simpson Desert in Australia

In the heart of Australia, far from the coastal population centers, the Simpson Desert is becoming known as a can’t-miss desert destination. Home to the world’s longest parallel sand dunes, the desert is only accessible to visitors during the Southern Hemisphere’s winter months due to excessive heat in the summer.
To best see this desert down under, booking a tour with a driver from the area. Stay cool with your Rab Merino Short Sleeve Tee and enjoy the 1,100 dunes and numerous ruins in this dry and desolate wonderland.

6. Wildlife Viewing and Dune Adventures in Namibia

There is plenty to do in the Namibian desert

While most who explore the deserts of Africa head for the Sahara, the southwestern corner of the continent holds an arid land of adventure. One of the most popular things to do is taking a hike to the top of one the world’s highest sand dunes. Known as Big Daddy, this sand dune stands at a whopping 325 meters (1,066 feet). It will take a few hours, so be ready for temperature changes in your adidas Outdoor gear. After taking in the views, run back down the sand in a matter of minutes before moving on to your next adventure.
For most, the second stop is Etosha National Park, known for sightings of zebra, rhinoceros, lions, and antelope. Namibia is more than just these two stops, though, making this overlooked desert region the perfect place to explore.
Featured image provided by Joshua Tree National Park