7 Places You Might Not Expect to Find 37.5 Technology

If you’ve gone hiking or running at any point in the past few years, you’ve almost certainly seen moisture-wicking technology in action. (You might even own a few such items.) This new generation of lightweight athletic gear makes it easier for athletes to keep cool and stay comfortable in the midst of grueling workouts.
But 37.5 Technology has zigged when all those other gear manufacturers have zagged.
Most moisture-wicking gear waits for you to sweat before pulling moisture from your skin, so by the time it starts evaporating, you’re already overheating. But 37.5 Technology regulates your body temperature and delays the onset of liquid sweat from forming in the first place. If you’re too hot, it adjusts your skin’s microclimate to hasten the moisture evaporation. If you’re too cold, it traps body heat and stops it from escaping through the fabric.
And while the gear has earned its place on the trail and track, you can find 37.5 Technology in board meetings, on the golf course, in the bedroom, and around the campfire. Wherever you go, stylish pants, thick jackets, comfortable sheets, and even cozy ponchos incorporate the innovative technology to keep wearers comfortable in all walks of life. Here are a few places you might be surprised to see 37.5 Technology working its magic.

On the Marathon Course

As marathons become more popular and people want to make racing more fun, we’re seeing companies step up their technology to give racers more options. And one of those companies is Carl Gross. A well-known German suit maker, their Performance Suit keeps you comfortable with 37.5 Technology while you’re out there keeping up your pace on the race course.

Around the Campfire

Whether you’ve spent the day on a trail or in the river, you’ll want to feel warm and comfortable around the campfire that night.
Fortunately, Therm-a-Rest Honcho Poncho™ keeps you cozy, no matter the climate or conditions.
Using 37.5 Technology insulation, the poncho—which doubles as a blanket—offers temperature regulation that keeps up with changing weather, and the cinchable hood adds a touch of warmth when you run out of logs.
In addition to effective temperature regulation, the Honcho Poncho is water-resistant, sports a kangaroo pocket to keep your hands warm, and packs into its own storage pocket for easy portability.

In the Bedroom

Rest easy with NuSleep Bedding with 37.5® Technology.

How often do you turn out the light and proceed to toss and turn for what feels like hours? You’re too hot with three blankets—but start shivering with two. You start sweating with just one sheet, but your toes start tingling the minute you cast it aside.
Rest easy with NuSleep Bedding with 37.5® Technology. The innovative blankets and sheet sets take the guesswork out of comfort by pulling moisture from your body and releasing the vapor, keeping your body at an ideal temperature and allowing for more restful sleep in the process.

In the Woods

It’s happened to all of us: We anxiously await the weekend for a day to get outside, only for a last-minute downpour or sudden cold front to thwart our plans.
No matter what the forecast calls for, stay warm and dry with the Adidas Terrex Stockhorn Jacket (available for men and women).
The soft fleece jacket works well as a base or mid-layer and uses 37.5 Technology to retain body heat while you’re warming up and move moisture out once you’re in the zone.
In addition to the temperature-regulating features, the Terrex Stockhorn Jacket sports raglan sleeves for a wide range of motion, zip pockets for added security, and a hood to keep you dry. Finally, you’ve found a jacket as tough as you are.

On the Golf Course

Lower your handicap, stay dry, and look good doing it with the Elite Jacket from Sun Mountain.
Available in three stylish colorways, the Elite Jacket uses waterproof materials—including a 2-way YKK Vislon waterproof zipper and waterproof chest pocket—that ensure the only water hazard you’ll face comes on the links. Sporting 20K waterproof and 30K-plus breathability ratings, the jacket scores a hole-in-one for its ability to keep you dry while also keeping you warm.
Not just that, but Sun Mountain’s Elite Jacket sports a stretchable material that moves with your golf swing, breathability that prevents sweat from pooling, and wind protection to keep you warm in blustery conditions.

In the Boardroom

Stop sweating through tense meetings with the AWEAR-TECH line from Kenneth Cole.

The Awearness Kenneth Cole AWEAR-TECH Black Pants offer casual style that uses your body’s heat to capture infrared energy to speed sweat evaporation.
In addition to maintaining the ideal microclimate that keeps you comfortable through board meetings and weekly check-ins alike, the flat-front pants feature stretch fabric, deliver a modern fit, and include zip front pockets for added security.
If you’re looking for a stylish shirt to accompany your new pants, look no further than the Awearness Kenneth Cole AWEAR-TECH Check Dress Shirt. Available in four colors, the non-iron cotton blend shirt sports fabric using 37.5 Technology to keep you cool and comfortable.

On the Water

It doesn’t matter whether you while away a Sunday at your favorite fishing hole or test your skills on a deep-sea expedition: You’ll want to stay warm and comfortable, all without sacrificing convenience.
No matter the conditions, the Carhartt Force Extremes® Shoreline Angler Jacket has you covered.
The jacket’s use of 37.5 Technology means you’ll stay warm when the wind won’t quit—and keep cool while reeling in the catch of the day.
As if that weren’t enough, the Carhartt jacket uses a waterproof breathable technology to fight off the rain, sports fast-drying technology when you go get wet, and features fully-taped waterproof seams for added protection.
Now go out and find where 37.5 Technology suits you best!