Cocona Wants to Help President Trump Sleep Through the Night and Skip Tweeting.

37.5 Trump Box and Sheets

Days before the inauguration, Cocona sent President-elect Trump its patented 37.5 Technology Sleep System to ensure he gets a good night’s rest as he takes on the most important job in the country.

Regardless of party affiliation, Cocona knows that as the new president of the United States, Donald Trump’s performance will never be more important–to himself, his family and the country. 37.5 Technology’s patented active particles in the sheets, comforter and mattress pad will keep Trump at his ideal core temperature by warming him up or cooling him down. That makes for a more comfortable and restorative night’s rest.

37. 5 Trump Box Letter


Hopefully, the 37.5 Sleep System helps cooler heads prevail, and inspires President-elect Trump to sleep more and tweet less.

37.5 Trump Box