Come Prepared: Here’s What You Need For A Perfect Round

There’s been no better time in the great game of golf for weekend warriors who love technology. Companies from a variety of fields have introduced stunning innovations that have improved the quality of the golfing experience for players all over the world.
When looking directly at the clothing available to golfers, one can’t help but see that amateurs are hitting the links every weekend dressed in the same performance-enhancing gear traditionally reserved for professionals.
As a result, amateurs are maximizing their game and seeing the lowest scores of their lives.
So, we’ve searched far-and-wide for three essential pieces that every golfer should wear next time they hit the links. All three feature 37.5® Technology to keep you dry, warm, and hitting the ball long and straight.

Adidas Terrex Stockhorn Jacket

For most golfers that play in colder climates, the golf season is a short one. If you want to get out for a round, you’ll have to battle the elements. That’s why breathable clothing is so essential for golfers looking to stay toasty.
The best way to stay warm while getting your golf fix is to find clothing that allows for motion and doesn’t hold you back from generating the MPH needed for those 300-yard blasts down the fairway.
The Terrex Stockhorn Jacket from Adidas utilizes 37.5 Technology to create a soft, athletic cut jacket that keeps the golfer comfortable while not impeding their swing. Made from fleece, the Terrex Stockhorn jacket joins a Pontetorto® Technostretch fabric with 37.5 activated carbon fleece material for exceptional temperature regulation and moisture management.
What makes the jacket ideal for golfers is how the fabric provides insulation to keep you warm, but not overheat during your round. This allows you to focus on the fundamentals, like your grip at impact. When combined with 37.5 Technology, the two materials do an excellent job of keeping you dry and comfortable without retaining odors.
Highlighted by a full zipper, the jacket’s collar can cover that sensitive neck area, knocking-down wind while retaining heat. The jacket also features side seam zipper pockets, perfect for keeping a few tees or an extra golf ball handy.
Golfers ultimately love this Adidas jacket due to its flexibility throughout the swing, as it doesn’t restrict movement. Finding clothing that works well with the body through the entirety of the swing is a must for golfers who want to continue to improve their game year-round.
The Adidas Terrex Stockhorn checks all the boxes for golfers looking to keep out the chill while maintaining abundant breathability.

Colmar Asymmetrical Polo Shirt for Right-Handed Players

During the summer months, golfers need a polo-style shirt that meets the clothing requirements of the local club, but also keeps the body fresh throughout the round. Colmar, known for their innovative clothing, has put their own unique spin on the traditional polo by creating an Asymmetrical Polo Shirt for Right-Handed Golfers.
The reason why Colmar’s polos are so popular is in the construction of the shirt. The company has pulled out all the stops with this right-handed polo by integrating 37.5 Technology to quickly remove sweat and moisture from the surface of the skin, leaving the golfer dry and comfortable even on hot days.
By reducing moisture underneath  the clothing, the golfer’s body temperature maintains a more even level, boosting their endurance for a long day on the links. The Colmar polo also features antibacterial technology, keeping the shirt crisp for your entire round.
But what’s truly unique about this shirt is the asymmetrical design. It’s made explicitly for right-handed golfers. By reconfiguring the sleeve around the right shoulder, it allows you to create a smoother swing without the impediment of extra material.
The right shoulder on the Colmar Asymmetrical Polo Shirt has a Raglan sleeve that moves the seam along the shoulder line rather than around the joint. Used primarily in baseball gear, the Raglan sleeve allows for greater movement without sacrificing look or feel.
Featuring a covered three-button collar, the Colmar Polo is stylish and high-performing. Great for golfers of all skill levels, this polo is ideal for players who are looking for an edge to post their lowest scores ever.

Abacus Extreme 37.5 Low Socks

Even though shirts, jackets, and pants are essential components of a comfortable golf outfit, they are nothing if your feet are miserable. Although most golf shoes are waterproof, most golfers don’t give their feet enough love and find socks that work well with all the walking they will do throughout a round.
From Abacus, the Extreme 37.5 Low Socks are a dream to wear for four reasons. First, the socks are breathable, allowing heat to escape and reducing moisture.
Next, the socks incorporate 37.5 Technology to help keep you cool during a hot day at the course. The technology pulls moisture away from the foot at a rate five times faster than traditional materials, keeping your feet fresher while reducing blisters.
Not only will they keep your feet fresh, but the Abacus Extreme 37.5 sock also moves in-sync with the foot preventing uncomfortable restriction while walking.
And finally, the Extreme 37.5 Low Sock moves moisture to the exterior of the sock where evaporation does its job and removes it from the foot.
The sock comes in either black or white, offering a contrast to the color of your golf shoes. Also, the low cut look of the Extreme 37.5 maintains an athletic appearance, perfect for integration with other slim-cut golfing attire.
Built for long-lasting comfort, the Extreme 37.5 Low Socks are essential golfing gear for staying comfy while hitting the links. These socks slide onto the foot effortlessly and are so lightweight that you’ll barely notice them during your round.
Through progressive innovation, the world of sport has seen many changes over the last few decades. Equipment performance in 2019 is leaps and bounds ahead of where it was back in the ‘70s. Because of high-tech gear like that using 37.5 Technology, golfers can benefit from extra performance and more comfort every time they step out for a round.