Comfort on the Road: Travel Clothing for Any Trip

Traveling can be stressful. Long security lines, tight layovers, and endless decision making can wear down even the most stalwart explorer. Fortunately, the new breed of travel clothes using 37.5 Technology takes the guesswork out of what to pack. Wrinkle-resistant, good-looking, and above all, comfortable, these modern-day adventure kits make life on the road easier.
How does 37.5 Technology help? The clothing uses active particles that capture and release moisture vapor. This means the fabric helps maintain your optimal core temperature of 37.5 degrees Celsius, and the body’s optimal relative humidity of 37.5 percent. When your body is warm, the clothes help to cool you off. When it’s cold outside, the technology captures and returns your body’s infrared energy to help keep you warm. For travelers often changing environments, this can be very helpful.
Good travel clothes have to be durable—they’ll be worn over and over and deal with sun, rain, endless walking, and more. They must also be quick-drying, as you may want the option of washing them by hand in a bathroom sink of your hotel. Then they have to look good around town tomorrow and be ready to do it all over again. So, whether heading to the mountains, the islands, or some far-away megalopolis, here are a few pieces that should be first on every traveler’s must-bring list.
If the planned destination is going to be cold, layering is the way to go. And a great layering system starts with a great baselayer. DHB’s Merino Wool baselayers come in long or short sleeves for both men and women. Pair it with Homeschool’s Mind Ride Mock Sweater, and warmth and comfort are guaranteed.
On the other end of the thermometer, staying cool is paramount to enjoying any vacation in hot, humid climates. Tommy Bahama is synonymous with laid-back, good-looking island wear. Its Tropicool Paradise IslandZone V-Neck T-Shirt and Coastal Crest IslandZone Polo look good from Key West to Kuala Lumpur.

Handful’s Leggings are a comfortable option for working out or staying comfortable on a long plane ride.

37.5 Technology

For the ladies, travel wear must be lightweight, versatile, packable, wrinkle-resistant, and, of course, flattering. Cucumber’s Tiered Dress fits the bill perfectly. Stuff it into a gym bag or suitcase and throw it on—it looks good anywhere. And there is nothing more comfortable for a long commute or plane ride than leggings. Handful’s Wi-Thi Leggings come in full or crop length. And best of all? Pockets!
If it’s hot or the day is going to be a long one, Mission’s Sports Bras are an excellent choice. They’re supportive without being restrictive and way more comfortable than an underwire all day.
Another bonus of the modern travel clothing trend is that it benefits the commuters of the world as well. Think about it. They are in and out of cabs, on and off bikes, buses, and trains, and sometimes walk long distances in all sorts of weather. Their needs are similar, but they don’t want to look like they’re on safari.
Take a look at Kenneth Cole’s Aware-Tech line. The dress shirts are modern, stylish, iron-free, and are right at home in board meetings or exploring the art museums of Florence. Pair them with the Awearness AWEAR-TECH Slim Fit Dress Slacks and go from the office to the plane without breaking a sweat. Literally. And, if the dress code is a little more casual, the Fourlaps Level Polo hits the mark.
Mission Workshop, out of San Francisco, makes some of the best-made, bombproof gear out there. So, if looking for a buy-it-for-life travel/commuting piece, take a look at The Ray. It’s a simple-yet-tailored button-down Oxford shirt that kills it either dressed up or dressed down. Mash it into the bottom of a pack, wash it in the sink, and wear it over and over, it keeps on looking good, and performing flawlessly. So much so that all Mission Workshop gear is guaranteed for life.

Point6 socks will help your feet stay happy while traveling.

37.5 Technology

It doesn’t matter if the itinerary is jungle hiking, mountain trekking, or hoofing across the streets of Paris—if your feet aren’t happy, then you aren’t happy. Point6 knows how to keep the dogs from barking after a long day. Regardless of the climate, outfit, or activity, they have socks for it. Pack fewer pairs, and wear them more than once, it’s OK. They’re crafted from Merino wool and enhanced with 37.5 Technology, so they go the distance without the stank of synthetic fibers.
And if the day means getting on a plane, do not leave the ground without a pair of compression socks. It’s the top tip from the million-mile-flier’s club.
The technology behind 37.5 fabrics has been well known in the serious athletic world for some time. Fortunately, manufacturers and savvy consumers alike have picked up on the benefits that this material brings to the world of travel and commuter wear. No one likes to be clammy, whether you’re biking to the office in Boulder or taking a tuk-tuk to a museum in Bangkok.
These pieces should be in every traveler’s pack, regardless if across town or the ocean. The secret to happy travel is packing light. Since 37.5 fabric is naturally odor resistant, pieces can be worn multiple days in a row. That means lighter luggage. So comfort, style, lighter packs, and even no checked bag fees. It really is what every traveler needs.
Written by Shaine Smith for Matcha in partnership with 37.5.

Featured image provided by Dino Reichmuth