Company Profiles: Christy Raedeke, EVP of Marketing & Sales


Christy Raedeke is more than a marketing and sales executive. Raedeke is an author, ex-ski instructor, mother of two, occasional pony equestrian, a bad-ass kayaker. She’s just a “skosh” more fun than the rest. We still don’t know what a skosh means. You’ll have to ask her…

This is what happened on weekends before the internet: you run out of the house without shoes, meet up with your friends, grab a horse a horse and hit the woods! Christy is mounted here on a trusty steed named Bo-Peep, circa 1973. Bo-Peep was very tolerant; note the scrappy way we threw the saddle on.
In the late 80s Christy taught skiing to get the free ski pass and gas money to get to the mountain. In this picture it almost looks like she enjoys teaching children, which she emphatically does not.
1987. Lucky number 13! Christy ski raced in high school and college. You may notice she was just a skosh taller than her team mates as a junior in high school…
Christy heading off to Outdoor School—could not be more excited to get to the woods! Who needs parents when you can carry your paperwork in your teeth? Scram, adults, let’s get the campfire going! The bicentennial blanket and red pants date this pic to 1976.
In high school, Christy was an All-Conference & All-State volleyball player known for her high jump reach and hideous spiking face.
Senior picture, 1984. Before life beat the hope out of her dewy eyes.
In the late 2000’s, Christy wrote two Young Adult Adventure novels, which were published in the US and abroad. Here she is at a Seattle Barnes & Noble signing books and then quickly fleeing after the reading. (She much preferred the solo act of writing to the public act of reading.)
Christy started her career in Corporate Communications at Microsoft in 1988, back when you could still drink and smoke at your desk. Note the bottle of wine, which was always at the ready. (The writers were heavy drinkers.) If you look closely at the screen, you’ll see Christy was extremely busy playing solitaire.
Christy’s idea of heaven: on a river. Anywhere. Here she is on the Deschutes, back in the prehistoric days of 1989 when helmets weren’t yet a thing.
Now living in Boulder, Christy still gets to do the things she loves the most when not at work—rafting, skiing, and hiking. Sometimes she even gets to do these things while at work, like this 37.5 team whitewater event. High water = good times!
Though her career has been interesting and creative and challenging, Christy counts her crowning achievement as raising two kind, smart, funny kids, Juliet and Hank.

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