Dress to Impress with 37.5

The pressure is on. This is a make-it-or-break-it moment. It’s time to perform at the highest level or risk losing everything. Sounds like the first ascent of some unnamed climb or trying to set a PR in a distance race, doesn’t it?
Nope. This is day-to-day business. Stressful meetings, important clients, high-pressure presentations, and impromptu elevator pitches are everyday occurrences. In today’s work environment, “business” doesn’t just take place in air-conditioned offices either. It happens everywhere, in stuffy start-ups, the backseats of Ubers, and down at the local coffee shop. The old mantra of “never let ’em see you sweat” is alive and well. And this is where modern-day dress wear comes in.
The makers of 37.5 Technology created a technical material that provide exceptional thermoregulation. Originally, it was designed for athletic wear, where tech fabrics have to keep the user dry and comfortable in a wide range of conditions. But everyday dress wear can benefit from the same technology, allowing workers to be a little more comfortable throughout the day.

How does it work?

Embedded inside the fibers are activated microporous carbon particles, which are sustainably derived from coconut shells and volcanic sand. These particles attract moisture and then expel it through an electrostatic reaction that vaporizes it almost instantly, keeping your skin cool when it’s hot and warm when it’s cold. Even better, the hotter you get, the stronger the driving force that removes moisture becomes to maintain the perfect microclimate against the skin.
The best thing? It’s permanent. It’s not a surface treatment—it’s a property of the very fibers themselves. It doesn’t peel, flake, or wash out. It also doesn’t have the main drawback of the dark ages of techwear: the post-workout stink. The active particles in 37.5 absorb and trap odor molecules so clothes don’t smell or retain odor. Everything comes out during regular cleaning—no special soaps, bleach, or harsh chemicals needed.
Here are a few forward-thinking brands that have embraced this uber-fabric. They’ll keep the everyday professional wearing it looking and feeling good.

Kenneth Cole

Designer Kenneth Cole uses 37.5 material in his suit collection.

37.5 Technology

Kenneth Cole has been in the fashion business since 1982, so they know a thing or two about what works and what doesn’t when it comes to materials, style, and function. The AWEAR-TECH line checks all the boxes, regardless of the office’s dress code. Suits in the line are crafted from 71 percent wool, 25 percent 37.5 technology yarn, and 4 percent spandex in a classic, two-button style. The pants, vest, and jacket are sold separately so sizing is a non-issue.
If things are a little more “business casual,” look to their check dress shirts, made with a cotton/37.5 blend, these pocketless, no-iron tops look great under a jacket or alone, tie or no tie. Casual Fridays are covered, too, with their poly/37.5 blend Henleys. The technology behind 37.5 is tailor-made for footwear as well, and Kenneth Cole uses it to make loafers and Oxfords for men and a variety of sneakers for both men and women.

Carl Gross

Carl Gross was the first manufacturer in Europe to integrate 37.5 technology into a suit, knowing that it wasn’t just marketing hype or industry buzzwords. In fact, Carl Gross believed in it so strongly that the company had runners in full suits race in more than 25 events all over Europe. What sounds like a publicity stunt turned into something more. Felix Mayerhöfer from Bavaria finished the Hamburg Marathon in a Carl Gross Performance Suit 37.5 with a time of 2:42:59. Not bad. It’s actually a Guinness World Record for “running a marathon in a suit.” He looked good doing it, too, with two-button styling and classic lines.

Jos. A. Bank

Travel Tech tailored suit separates and premium wrinkle-free dress shirts from Jos. A. Bank make dressing for work more comfortable.

37.5 Technology

Currently, Jos. A. Bank has the largest selection of 37.5-equipped clothes available, sold as part of its TravelTech Collection. TravelTech offers a full collection of slim and traditional fit pieces from suits to dress shirts and more casual wear.
For days when the boss is around, look to the TravelTech tailored suit separates and premium wrinkle-free dress shirts. They’re made from a wool/37.5 blend that features stretch built into the waistband of the pants for freedom of movement. Zippered pockets are strategically placed inside the jackets and pants as well. Jos. A. Bank makes it easy to mix and match with sportcoats and vests.
If you’re looking to dress down a bit, check out the corded stripe sport shirt or polos—they look great in or out of the office. Button up the look with a tailored fit spread-collar plaid sport shirt, which are made in big and tall sizes as well. The properties of Merino wool are already well-known, but when blended with 37.5, the fabric becomes even more versatile. The V-neck Merino wool-blend sweater should be in every man’s closet.
All of the 37.5 clothing handles work like a workout. Because when the pressure is on, the last thing people want to think about is their clothes. Any piece of clothing made with 37.5 material will quickly become a first-out-of-the closet favorite. Monday morning, 8 a.m., walk into the office in style, comfort, and fit with 37.5.
Written by Shaine Smith for RootsRated Media in partnership with 37.5.

Featured image provided by 37.5 Technology