Hardworking Clothes for Hardworking People: 11 Durable Items to Have in Your Gear Closet

When most people think of technical fabrics, they tend to think of athletic wear. And for good reason—tech fabrics are known for keeping you dry and comfortable in a wide range of conditions when you’re out and about.
But what about the men and women who spend every single day working hard indoors or out? These people work out in the blazing sun, biting cold, driving wind and rain, and everything in between.
Fortunately, ever-changing conditions are where 37.5 Technology thrives. They’ve pushed the envelope of material engineering to deliver a fabric that breathes incredibly well, and dries exceptionally quickly.
How? Embedded inside the fibers are activate microporous particles sustainably derived from coconut shells and volcanic sand. These particles attract moisture and then expel it through an electrostatic reaction that vaporizes it almost instantly, keeping the skin cool when it’s hot and warm when it’s cold. Even better, the hotter you get, the stronger the driving force removing that moisture becomes to maintain the perfect microclimate against your skin.
Since this technology is not a surface treatment but a part of the actual fibers, it’s permanent. It will never peel, flake, or wash out. And anyone who has done the laundry after a hard workout knows the downside to other technical fabrics. The active particles in 37.5 trap odor molecules so clothes don’t smell or retain odor, either. Everything is released during regular washing—no special soaps, bleach, or harsh chemicals needed.
For all of these reasons, workwear is a perfect place for 37.5 technology. Here are a few brands that have embraced this uber-fabric, and the workers of the world can all breathe a sigh of relief. Or, at least be a little more comfortable during their day.
Carhartt has been making legendary work clothes in the USA since 1889, so they know a thing or two about what it takes to make quality clothing for hard-working folks out on the job site.
Their entire line of Force Extremes gear is made to battle sweat and overheating in literally any and all conditions. They expertly manufacture an entire wardrobe to make you more comfortable rain or shine, hot or cold, head to toe, men or women. This is what 37.5 was made for: from base layers to rain gear, lightweight T-shirts to warm hoodies, even gloves, socks, underwear, and outerwear.
If the job description is a little more tactical, Vertx has first responders, security teams, and what they call “Prepared Professionals” covered with street-smart garments that blend in to outperform standard casual wear any day. Their Hyde Pants for men blend an everyday look with functionality and carrying capacity. Fusion Stretch Tactical Pants for men and women have all the features Vertx is known for: inset cargo pockets, a gusseted crotch, and articulated knees, blended with stretchy material for unparalleled freedom of movement.
Up top, there is the Speed Concealed Carry Shirt for men. It’s purposely designed for easy access to a concealed weapon for on-duty professionals. It’s durable, comfy, discreet and comes with long or short sleeves. With secure, hidden pockets and wrinkle-resistant fabric enhanced with 37.5 tech, it’s also a stellar travel shirt.
Snickers isn’t a household name in the U.S. (for clothing at least), but they are one of the leading brands of cutting-edge workwear in Europe. For more than 40 years, they have been pushing the boundaries of design with superior functionality, comfort, protection, and durability.
Their LiteWork clothing is their warm weather gear, but also makes a great base layer in cooler temps. Check out the 6102 LiteWork 37.5 Work Shorts. They look like ordinary shorts, yet taking a closer look, they have a full stretch gusset in the crotch for freedom of movement, use Cordura in high-wear areas for enhanced durability, and feature a tool pocket and zippered pocket with an ID badge holder on the leg.
Snickers even elevated the humble T-Shirt. The 2519 FlexiWork 37.5 Short Sleeve T-shirt is perfect for hot weather, with open mesh under the arms for extra ventilation, the seamless design is the ultimate in comfort, and reflective details add a bit of visibility and safety. Work doesn’t stop when the mercury dips, so the 4512 AllroundWork 37.5 Insulator Vest and 8101 Insulator Jacket both use 37.5 insulation for maximum warmth and stretch side panels for comfort, fit and flexibility.
Massif specializes in flame-resistant gear for firefighters, SAR, and all the branches of the U.S. military. Their Nitro Knit kit comprises of boxer briefs and either a short- or long-sleeve base layer. They deliver no-melt, no-drip protection for day-to-day activity. These super light, next-to-skin layers have a slimmer performance fit and multi-dimensional stretch for ease of movement and layering.
Anybody who has taken off their shoes at the end of a long, hard day knows that feet sweat, a lot. Point6 takes high-quality New Zealand Merino wool, already a wonder-fiber, and elevates it to technical footwear with 37.5 fiber. The quality is unmatched, crafted from imported premium wool and made in the USA.
The lightweight Tactical Commanders feature reinforced heels and toes, along with ankle and arch support. They’re 66% wool, 5% Spandex, and 29% nylon. The 37.5 Light Crews have a little extra padding and are made with 63% wool, 7% Spandex, and 30% nylon.
Whether you’re trying to stay cool and dry, or warm and cozy, workwear with 37.5 helps anyone be a little more comfortable. And when they’re more comfortable, their day is just a bit easier, safer, and more productive.