How Snickers Workwear is Better for the Jobsite

It’s a fact of life that working adults spend significant portions of their waking hours at their jobs. This work can vary—some people work from their couch in sweatpants, others spend their hours tucked in a cubicle dressed in business casual attire, and some are outside in the elements for the duration of the workday. If you fall into this last category, you know that the weather doesn’t take a day off, and neither do you. It’s important to feel comfortable in the clothes you spend your days in, and especially critical for people whose work involves being physically active. Those working in the elements need clothing that works with them and ensures maximum comfort all day long.
Snickers Workwear doesn’t just fit well and feel good throughout the day—the durability of the fabrics, reliability of the construction, and temperature-regulating, 37.5 Technology come together to make clothing you can work hard and stay comfortable in, no matter what the job site or conditions throw at you.
Regulating your body temperature is essential. People have an ideal core temperature of 37.5 degrees Celsius and an ideal relative humidity of 37.5 percent. Maintaining these optimal levels is especially critical for people who experience high-energy output throughout the day. This heating-and-cooling pattern can stress your body, leading to increased fatigue and lower productivity. It can also create a buildup of sweat that cools and dries, leaving you chilled. The clothing you wear should be working in conjunction with your own body to maintain your optimal temperature and humidity level. Snickers Workwear built with 37.5 Technology works as hard as you do—activated particles from volcanic sand are permanently embedded right into the fabric. They work to cool you down if you get too hot and warm you up when your core temperature dips. Since these particles are built into the fabric itself, the thermoregulating technology won’t wear out over time.

Snickers Workwear uses 37.5 Technology to help your body regulate temperature and humidity.

37.5 Technology

Here are a few of our top picks for work clothes that will keep you performing your best throughout the day.

Seamless 37.5 Shorts

These breathable base-layer shorts (perhaps better described as boxer-briefs) help prevent chafing and keep everything dry and comfortable for workers in motion all day.

Seamless 37.5 Long Sleeve Shirt

The base layer top complements the shorts. This long-sleeve, breathable, moisture-managing layer is the ideal next-to-skin garment. Whether the temperature drops or rises, this next-to-skin layer will help keep your body at the optimal temperature.

AllroundWork 37.5 Tech Polo Shirt

For those who need a slightly more “polished” look on the worksite, this technical polo looks sharp while not sacrificing the thermoregulating and microclimate-controlling technology of 37.5 fibers woven into the fabric.

FlexiWork 37.5 T-Shirt

This T-shirt removes moisture and helps keep odors at bay from the start of the workday to the end. Open mesh under the arms adds to the ventilating properties, and the seam-free build prevents chafing.

AllRoundWork 37.5 Insulator Vest

This insulated vest provides a hit of warmth to your core while allowing you full mobility of your arms, plus the natural venting of a vest only enhances the thermo-regulating technology built into the insulation. Narrow baffles and stretchy side panels help even more with mobility, and the high neck offers protection from drafts.

The AllroundWork 37.5 Tech Polo Shirt is a good option for those who have to mix manual labor with customer-facing work.

37.5 Technology

FlexiWork Gore-Tex 37.5 Insulated Holster Pocket Trousers

In the market for outerwear with the maximum durability, insulation, and protection? These pants have removable padding, articulated patterning, and plenty of easy-to-access pockets.

RuffWork 37.5 Insulated Parka

This insulated parka is built to withstand seasons of nasty weather with maximum durability and comfort. This jacket features ultra-rugged construction with a design that still allows freedom of movement. It has three-layer Cordura reinforcements at high-abrasion areas, a fleece-lined collar, and articulated sleeves to allow full range of motion.

AllRoundWork Women’s Waterproof 37.5 Insulated Jacket

Built specifically for hard-working women who want protective clothing that actually fits, this jacket has multiple layers of protection for working outdoors in cold, wet environments. Complete with taped seams and a detachable hood, this jacket will perform no matter what kinds of tests you put it through.
Working in a physically demanding job isn’t always easy, but having the right clothes can make a big difference. Give Snickers Workwear, featuring 37.5 Technology a try, and it just may make your workday a whole lot easier.
Written by Matcha for 37.5.

Featured image provided by 37.5 Technology