Scrubs: Not Just For the Doctor’s Office

When you think of scrubs, the doctor’s office or your favorite hospital drama might come to mind, but these tops and bottoms are comfortable and inexpensive—which means they have tons of uses outside of the medical field.
Scrubs can be made from a variety of materials, and are typically stretchy, breathable, and soft. They’re ideal for comfort and long-term wear. There are entire lines of designer scrubs out there as well, in every color, pattern, and fit imaginable. Scrubs are insanely durable, stain resistant, and can be thermoregulating as well. Scrubs made with 37.5 Technology are all of this and more, going so far as to help regulate your personal microclimate. They’ll cool you down when you get too hot, and keep you warm if your body starts cooling down.
Here are just a few of the places you might want to try out scrubs—with or without a medical degree!

1. Sleeping

This is the most obvious way to wear scrubs outside of the doctor’s office. Throwing on a pair of scrubs to sleep in means you’ll be snoozing in breathable, comfortable, loose-fitting clothes, which are perfect for getting a good night’s sleep. Choosing a pair made with 37.5 Technology will also ensure you get the best quality sleep possible thanks to the technology that works with your body to help keep you at an ideal temperature all night.

2. Volunteering Abroad

Volunteering abroad and need to stay covered up but also comfortable in warmer climates? Scrubs are a perfect way to be comfortable and modest if you’re going to be in a country where you want to be covered, but still need to be able to perform a variety of tasks both active and sedentary. As a bonus, scrub tops and bottoms come with plenty of pockets, which make them incredibly convenient for various duties and roles.

3. Camping

Scrubs are a light and packable option for camping.

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Whether you’re going on a long-distance hike or car camping for the weekend, bring a pair of scrub pants for your camp bottoms. Light and packable, as well as breathable and moisture wicking, they’re perfect for town pants during an extended backpacking trip or camp clothes after your day hike during frontcountry adventures. If they get wet, throw them over a tree branch to quickly dry them out.

4. Practicing Yoga

Get your flow on with stretchy scrubs with higher waistbands. They will help keep you cool when your practice heats up and keep you warm during the final savasana. Opt for a more fitted pair with four-way stretch material, ensuring maximum comfort and range of motion during any pose the teacher cues.

5. Doing Chores in the Backyard

Throw on a pair of scrubs for gardening, raking leaves, or shoveling the driveway. Wearing your scrubs outdoors for housework is really a four-season opportunity, and they’re durable enough that you will be hard pressed to put a rip in them.

6. To Your Class

This version of a college outfit is easy and comfortable. Also, scrubs can be ridiculously inexpensive, perfect for that college-student budget. It’s like wearing pajamas to class, but more socially appropriate.

7. Painting the House

Scrubs are a great option when painting at home.


Painting an accent wall? Going full redo on the interior walls? You’ll have enough trouble keeping the rest of your house clean, so throw on a pair of scrubs that you don’t care about getting paint on and lose the stress of keeping your clothes clean.

8. Crafting

Get the whole family lounging around in their own set. Scrubs come with all sorts of kids’ favorite cartoon characters, and they can mix and match the tops and bottoms too. Scrubs are perfect for craft time—especially if glitter, paint, or glue are involved.

9. Long Road Trips

No one wants uncomfortable waistbands, constricting material, or a buildup of sweat and body odor during a long ride. Soft, breathable scrubs are the perfect road trip outfit no matter how long you’re stuck in the car.
Keep in mind that if you wear scrubs for work in a medical or potentially contaminated facility, they should stay at work. The ideas above are recommended for your casual scrubs or for those who don’t work in the medical industry. Enjoy!
Written by RootsRated Media for 37.5.

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