Smart Clothing: The Secret Ingredient to Staying Comfy at the Office

For many people, high-tech clothing is a must any time you’re pounding out a run, pushing it at the gym, or cranking out a bike ride. Active types in-particular understand the benefits of controlling body temperature and managing sweat during the exertion of exercise. But what about in an office environment? As clothing technology advances, more apparel companies are turning their attention to what we wear while we’re working, not just working out.
Comfort at the office is just as important as when you’re intentionally burning calories, but it can be tricky when you don’t control the thermostat. Calling the office temperature “climate-controlled” might be an accurate description, but it doesn’t necessarily mean it feels good for everyone. Different people experience a wide range of comfort levels for temperature and climate, and overall, men and women have varying comfortable temperature ranges.
Men tend to run warmer than women, which means a pleasant air temperature for men can leave women shivering and reaching for an extra layer, and a thermostat setting that’s better suited for women might make the men in the office break a sweat at their desks.
Enter the concept of “smart clothing”—a simple, effective solution to the daily conundrum of maintaining an ideal core temperature at your desk throughout the day, no matter where the thermostat is set.
Smart clothing built with 37.5 Technology uses activated particles to regulate the wearer’s microclimate, helping keep the body at an ideal temperature of 37.5 degrees Celsius, and the relative humidity next to the body at 37.5 percent. These particles are triggered by humidity, which is the gauge for whether you feel hot or cold, and they are permanently embedded within the actual material of the clothing. The fabric helps remove sweat vapor before it turns to liquid, which optimizes the body’s natural evaporative cooling technique. Conversely, if you are cold, the active particles capture the energy your body emits, and returns it as heat.
These office-worthy garments use 37.5 Technology and will work as hard at keeping you comfortable as you do at excelling in your job. And they don’t sacrifice style for comfort, whether your corporate dress code skews toward techie casual or polished professional.

Look for clothing that use 37.5 Technology to keep your body at its most comfortable levels of temperature and humidity.

37.5® Technology

Banana Republic Core Temp Half-Zip Sweatshirt

This sweatshirt is perfect for a casual office environment when you want to throw on another layer, or step outside for a quick walk around the block on a cool day. It’s relaxed yet smart, and adds an instant shot of style to any look.

Banana Republic 11-inch Core Temp Shorts

Summer can mean sweltering heat or overly aggressive air conditioning, and sometimes not much in-between. The longer inseam on these shorts adds an office-appropriate detail, and the temperature-regulating materials make it a cinch to switch from blazing outdoor heat to a chilly office.

Banana Republic Slim Core Temp Blazer

A dressier corporate culture calls for a fitted blazer. Layering on and off during the day can be a hassle, so choosing an outer layer made with temperature-regulating technology is a good bet for ensuring comfort throughout the day.

Cucumber Stone Tiered Dress

Flowy and ready to go from the office to an outdoor happy hour, this flattering, scoop-neck dress will become a wardrobe favorite. Temperature-regulating activated particles mean you’ll stay warm in breezy air conditioning, but cool on the patio with an adult beverage in hand.

Cucumber Drape Knot Tee

Keep it casual yet still office-worthy with this loose-fitting women’s T-shirt in a super soft jersey material made with 37.5 active particles. Knotted-front details elevate the style, and it looks as good with slacks as it does a pencil skirt.

AWARE-TECH from Kenneth Cole can help keep you comfortable in a more formal office environment.

37.5® Technology

Kenneth Cole AWEAR-TECH Coat

Overheating in your suit jacket is so outdated. Opt for one that helps keep your body at a stable (and comfortable) temperature, like this jacket from the Kenneth Cole AWEAR-TECH line. The 37.5 active particles capture body heat and speed-up evaporation before sweat can accumulate. The fabric also helps absorb odor molecules, so you’ll feel (and smell) fresh throughout the day.

Kenneth Cole AWEAR-TECH Slim Fit Dress Shirt

The best way to get the most benefits of this technology? Make sure all your layers feature 37.5 smart clothing technology. This flattering dress shirt pairs well with a wide variety of other pieces, and helps ensure your clothes work together to keep you comfortable.

Kenneth Cole AWEAR-TECH Slim Fit Pants

Finish your polished look with a pair of crisp slim-fit pants, and you’ll look and feel cool, calm, and collected, no matter what work—or the office thermostat—throws at you.
So don’t save the high-tech clothing for the gym—be comfortable all-day long by taking advantage of 37.5 Technology when dressed for the office as well.
Written by Matcha for 37.5.

Featured image provided by 37.5 Technology