From Summit to Boardroom and Everywhere in Between: The Versatile Clothing Ingredient That Goes Where You Go

These days, it seems that everybody has a miracle fabric that promises the moon yet leaves you clammy and unhappy. We’ve all heard the claims of “quick drying” and “moisture wicking” materials that fails to perform when the action really heats up. But 37.5® Technology is different and has the science to back it up.
The human body works best when at its optimal temperature—37.5 degrees Celsius. Our bodies work incredibly hard to maintain that temperature. That’s why we shiver when we’re cold and, of course, sweat when we get hot. As sweat evaporates, it cools the skin. Simple enough, right?
This is where the scientists at 37.5 come in. They’ve pushed the envelope materials engineering to deliver a fabric that breathes incredibly well, dries quickly, and actually regulates the humidity above your skin.

How Does It Work?

The fibers made of 37.5 Technology are made from coconut shells and volcanic sand.

Embedded inside the fibers of fabrics made with 37.5 Technology are activated carbon particles sustainably derived from coconut shells and volcanic sand. These particles attract moisture before it turns into liquid sweat and moves that moisture out of the clothing, keeping you cool when it’s hot and warm when it’s cold.
And this isn’t just marketing hype. In 2016, an independent study done at the University of Colorado showed that 37.5 fabric extended athletes’ output at lactate threshold, increased their efficiency, and decreased both core temperature and the rate of temperature build-up during exercise. In fact, some of the cyclists in the study showed a whopping 26 percent increase in performance just by changing their shirt.
Since it’s not a treatment but part of the actual fibers, the technology is permanent. It never peels, flakes, or washes out. Another perk? The active particles in 37.5 absorb and trap odor molecules so clothes don’t smell or retain odor.

Where You’ll Find 37.5 Technology

You’ll even find 37.5 Technology in your favorite winter sports brands.

Perhaps the best part of the technology is its flexibility and variety of uses. Whether it’s cotton, Merino wool, or fleece, 37.5 makes it better. That means you’ll find it in some of the top apparel companies out there that are producing the best gear for hard-working, hard-playing people.
For the hardcore runner and cyclists out there, brands like__ Bontrager , __Mavic , Katusha , Salomon , and adidas dial up some of the most advanced sportswear choices for pros and serious amateurs alike. Skiing, snowboarding, and mountaineering come with enough challenges, and temperature regulation shouldn’t be one of them. Rip Curl, Rossignol , and Homeschool make cold-weather gear with 37.5 Technology so that winter athletes can concentrate on the task at hand.
Things can get stressful in the office: a big presentation, landing that next big client, hiring (or firing) a new employee. The mantra of business is “never let ‘em see you sweat” and this is really where the chameleon-like attributes of 37.5 come into play. Take a look at what Kenneth Cole and Jos. A Bank does with this wonder-fabric. Dress shirts and pants, professional-looking cardigans, and even footwear mean that after sprinting to make that 8 a.m. meeting, you’ll still look (and smell) good. Need a full suit? Carl Gross makes a performance business suit that James Bond himself would envy. In fact, the Carl Gross suit with 37.5 technology just made it into the Guinness Book of World records when Felix Meyerhofer slashed the world record of running a marathon in a suit.
What if the “office” isn’t an office at all?__ Carhartt__ has been making legendary work clothes in the USA since 1889, so they know a thing or two about what it takes to make quality clothing for hard-working folks out on the job site. If the job description is a little more tactical, Vertx and Flying Cross have first responders, bodyguards, and security teams covered with street-smart garments that blend in, yet outperform standard street wear any day.
Anybody who has taken off their shoes after a long, hard day knows that feet sweat a lot.
Thanks to 37.5 technology, Point6 elevates the humble sock to highly technical footwear that makes any excursion, indoors or out, climbing mountains or climbing stairs, better and more comfortable.

Don’t Forget About the Bedroom

Therm-a-Rest makes roughing it a little less rough.

And after all this, regardless of what you’ve done—whether having just run an ultramarathon, cycled over a mountain pass, worked outdoors all day, or ran between meetings—it’s time to rest.
Most people have around TWO MILLION sweat glands in their bodies, so sheets that have 37.5 properties promote better sleep by keeping you cool. When it’s time to do it all over again tomorrow, you’ll be ready. ArtVan and Sheex both makes full premium bedding sleep sytsme with 37.5 technology. If you’re sleeping under the stars rather than at home, Therm-a-Rest , a leader in camping pads and sleeping bags, has some genius gear that makes roughing it a little less rough.
These are just a few of the brands that are taking advantage of 37.5. Companies from every industry and every sport—from fishing, golf, tennis, hunting, sailing, and soccer—are discovering the value of adding 37.5 Technology to their products. From head to toe, in the boardroom or at the job site, from the fashion-conscious streets of Manhattan to snowy alpine summits, 37.5 Technology upgrades any material it’s woven with. So go ahead, work hard—37.5 is there.
Featured image provided by Christoffer Sjostrom/37.5 Technology