Travel in Style: Take the Right Clothes on Your Next Trip

Heading out on vacation means good times ahead, and you want to make sure that you not only look good but feel good, too. Beyond staying comfortable, you’ll likely have limited space in your suitcase. It’s important that the clothes you bring will stay looking sharp throughout the trip, and you won’t need to be changing in and out of them if the temperature changes. Choosing items made with 37.5 Technology is an easy shortcut to help ensure your vacation clothes keep you comfortable no matter what the conditions throw at you.
37.5 Technology was initially used in activewear to help regulate the core temperature and relative humidity for people with bursts of high-energy output. Designers are now using this fabric technology across a wide spectrum of categories, including sleep, travel apparel, business wear, and leisure items. 37.5 Technology uses active particles that capture and release moisture vapor, which means the fabric helps maintain the optimal core temperature of 37.5 degrees Celsius, and the body’s optimal relative humidity of 37.5 percent.
The activated particles are permanently embedded into the very fabric of the clothing, which means that they won’t wash out. The particles attract and expel moisture through a reaction that vaporizes the water almost immediately, keeping the skin cool when it’s hot and warm when it’s cold. You can delve even deeper into the science behind this, but just know that those particles are activated when the temperature and relative humidity swing too far in either direction.
This is great news for people traveling to destinations with potential swings in weather or otherwise unpredictable conditions. Warmer than expected? No sweat—literally. Temperature dropping more than you anticipated? The embedded particles in the fibers of these clothes will spring into action, helping bring your core temperature back up to the optimal 37.5 degrees Celsius. Here are some top picks for clothes to bring on your next vacation to stay comfortable, look stylish, and not need to change layers every hour of the day.

Asmuss Pleated Dress

This unique dress is loose and flowy through the body, with contrastingly fitted sleeves. Whether you dress it up or dress it down, you’ll stay perfectly comfortable all day long thanks to the fit and the temperature-regulating technology embedded into the fibers. Eye-catching details like an asymmetrical hem round out this wool-blend dress perfect for those days where you want one item to comprise your entire outfit.

Asmuss A-Line Long-Sleeve T-Shirt

Flattering fitted sleeves, a wide neck, and a loose silhouette make this shirt easy for everyday wear. Pair it with a pair of high-waisted shorts or skinny-leg jeans for a complete outfit.

Tommy Bahama Newport Coast Cimarron Check IslandZone Shirt

Don’t fear the sweat on your next island getaway. Made with 70 percent super soft cotton and 30 percent 37.5 Technology polyester, this shirt will keep you cool and comfortable while maintaining a sleek yet casual outline. Contrasting patterns on the cuffs and inside the collar give this shirt an extra pop.

Tommy Bahama Flip Tide Reversible IslandZone T-Shirt

On the more casual side of things, stay dry and comfortable all day in this soft, relaxed long-sleeve shirt. Available in seven different reversible colors, there’s something to match every outfit.

Tommy Bahama Mahalo Bay IslandZone Blazer

Don’t be caught without a sharp-looking jacket to wear to the fancier nights on your next cruise or land-based vacation. This blazer has a fitted silhouette and is 75 percent linen, 25 percent 37.5 Polyester, so you’ll stay cool and able to avoid shedding the jacket during the day.

Tommy Bahama Mahalo Bay IslandZone Flat-Front Pants

Dress yourself head-to-toe in 37.5 Technology with these classic linen-blend pants. By putting together your entire outfit with clothing made with 37.5 Technology, you’re guaranteeing a comfortable trip, space saved in your suitcase, and a classic look you won’t need to change throughout the day.
Ready for your next vacation? You can be both stylish and comfortable when your suitcase is filled with clothing made with 37.5 Technology. Now you can focus on enjoying your trip.
Written by Matcha for 37.5.

Featured image provided by
Mantas Hesthaven