Who Needs Doping When You Have 37.5 Technology?

Elite cyclists compete for the podium within the smallest margins of speed, precision, and power. Every little external input matters when you’re operating in the redline neck and neck with other top-tier athletes. Popping supplements and utilizing performance-enhancing drugs has become a popular answer to give athletes that tiny edge over their competitors. However, there are a lot of different ways to improve your game at crucial moments, including making the right choice about the clothing you wear.
The “doping kit” for cyclists by 37.5 Technology is far more wholesome than it may sound. Made up of a jersey, bib shorts, and socks all by Mission Workshop, these garments incorporate 37.5 Technology, which has been scientifically proven to increase athletic performance by up to 26%. While the science of clothing increasing your performance is complicated, we’ll do our best to break it down for you.

The Basics of 37.5 Technology

PNGBibShort71 (Photo_ Mission Workshop)
37.5 Technology helps to slow the rise of your core body temp and increases athletic performance. 37.5 Technology / Mission Workshop

In a nutshell, 37.5 Technology utilizes active particles that capture and release moisture vapor. This means the fabric helps maintain the optimal core temperature of 37.5 degrees Celsius, and the body’s optimal relative humidity of 37.5 percent. These patented particles are triggered when the temperature and relative humidity swing too far in either direction.
The particles attract moisture, then expel it through an electrostatic reaction that vaporizes the water almost immediately, which keeps the skin cool when it’s hot, and warm when it’s colder out. The hotter you get, the harder the particles work to maintain your optimal core temperature and relative humidity. These particles are derived from activated carbon and volcanic minerals, then permanently embedded into the fabric, which ensures they won’t wash out after repeat wear.

The Science Behind the Doping Kit

PNGBibShort16 (Photo_ Mission Workshop)
A recent study proved that clothing with 37.5 Technology can increase athletic output by 26%. 37.5 Technology / Mission Workshop

A recent University of Colorado Boulder peer-reviewed study—published in the International Journal of Sports Medicine—measured 14 elite athletes’ time to completion, time to maximum temperature, and core temperature while wearing various garments. Study participants wore a performance shirt built with 37.5 Technology, the same shirt without 37.5 Technology, and an ice jacket circulating water at 4°Celsius.
During the study, the subjects pedaled on their cycles at their respective lactate threshold levels —the point when lactic acid starts to accumulate—for up to 60 minutes over a three-week period. One test was performed each week. After these tests, it was confirmed that the subjects who were wearing the 37.5 Technology shirts were able to perform up to 26% longer than those in the shirt without 37.5. This increase in performance was directly related to the slower core temperature build-up.
This study showed that slowing the rise of an athlete’s core temperature increased their output, but how?

PNGJersey69 (Photo_ Mission Workshop)
Fabric from 37.5 Technology delays the onset of sweating by slowing the rise of the core temperature. 37.5 Technology / Mission Workshop

Most fabric technologies contribute little, if any, to increase in athletic performance. In general, sweat clogs the pores in your skin, which can actually lower your performance, as it will limit your body’s ability to cool itself. The option to sweat less, or eliminate liquid sweat entirely, by slowing the rise of your core body temperature, is how 37.5 Technology helps increase output.
For as long as they’ve been around, athletic and technical fabrics have attempted to wick sweat and spread it over a larger surface area. 37.5 Technology created a way to delay the onset of liquid sweat in the first place. The activated particles in 37.5 Technology act as a desiccant, which means they remove excess moisture from the skin in the vapor stage. The human body generates approximately 80 watts of power every second. The body’s own infrared (IR) energy works to energize these particles and help them regulate your temperature and relative humidity. It’s actually your clothing that helps keep your core temp from rising too quickly.

The 37.5 Doping Kit

37.5 Technology’s Doping Kit comes with clothing designed to keep you cooler from head to toe. 37.5 Technology

The 37.5 Doping Kit, has a cycling jersey, bibs, and socks, all from top-tier apparel and softgoods company, Mission Workshop.
PNG Bib Shorts: Built with 37.5 Technology, these bib shorts are reinforced along the legs with Dyneema-enhanced panels, and have a flexible, four-way stretch upper. In addition to moisture management, the 37.5 Technology isolates odor molecules, which reduces odor buildup. This odor-prohibiting technology will not lose effectiveness during the bib’s lifetime.
PNG Jersey: This sleek, high-tech top is a lightweight, soft grid knit with the moisture management technology of 37.5 fibers embedded into the fabric.
RUNBIKEHIKE Socks: These mid-calf socks have multiple levels of moisture management, which means your feet will stay cool, dry, and blister-free during even the longest of outings and hardest of outputs.
For cyclists looking to up their game, doping 37.5-style is an appealing (and rational) alternative to supplements or performance-enhancing drugs. By keeping your core temp down, the clothing brings your output up. Time to grab a doping kit, hop in the saddle, and break your PR.
Written by Matcha for 37.5.

Featured image provided by 37.5 Technology / Mission Workshop