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7 Best Cooling Blankets to Beat the Heat All Summer Long


Waking up soaked in sweat is no one’s idea of a good night’s sleep, but it happens more often than you might expect. A Gallup poll from 2023found that 57 percent of adults in the U.S. always or occasionally feel too hot when trying to sleep. Obviously, it’s uncomfortable, but that’s far from the only problem — being too hot while trying to sleep has been shown to make it more difficult to drift off and mess with your circadian rhythm.

Vertx Cutback Technical Pant Review


The Vertx Cutback Technical Pant is a lightweight, fast-drying pant that’s packed with tactical-ready and EDC pockets. Better yet, it also uses 37.5 Technology, which helps regulate temperature and humidity, which also makes it an interesting hiking pant. To get us a closer look, Vertx and 37.5 Technology sent Man Makes Fire a review unit for in-person testing and review. I wore the Vertx Cutback Technical Pants on multiple hiking and fishing trips to test the fit, stretch and cooling properties in the outdoors.

AllOutdoor Review – Merino Base Layers from Vertx & 37.5 Technologies

Exploring the outdoors has taught me a lot of things; mostly about myself. I’ve learned that the mountains are way cooler than the beach, not to set up a tent in windy conditions, and that I hate being cold. As a general practice, layering is the best way to make sure you’re wearing the appropriate amount of insulation for the environment. This is especially true here in Colorado, where you can see snow, sunshine, hail, and more sunshine, all in the span of a few hours. In my experience, a strong outer layer means nothing if you don’t have a solid base layer as a foundation.

The 20 Best Cooling Comforters For Hot Sleepers

While summer brings the promise of poolside cocktails and backyard BBQs, it also brings the undesirable: drenched sheets. Indeed, if you’re a sweaty sleeper, a cooling comforter (and mattress) is as essential to the warmer months as ice pops and pool floats. That said, many brands claim to use cooling tech in their bedding (even though we still end up with a ridiculous AC bill every summer). So, we decided to put them to the test.

10 Best Cooling Pillows for Hot Sleepers

Waking up feeling sweaty and overheated is a hot sleeper’s worst nightmare — especially if it’s happening regularly. A cooling pillow may help you sleep cooler and more soundly. Many feature technology that absorbs heat to prevent night sweats in the first place and have a cool-to-the-touch feel so every side of your pillow is the cool side. While a cooling pillow can’t stop your hot flashes or change a warm climate, sleeping on one in addition to cooling sheets or a temperature-regulating or cooling mattress pad certainly can help you feel less sweaty.

Pactimo Torrent Rain Jacket Review

The ever-elusive waterproof/breathable jacket has come a long way in the past 30 years. In the past, “breathable” really hasn’t really been true, but these days there are a number of fabrics that make good on that promise. The Pactimo Torrent Rain Jacket is built with a modern waterproof and breathable material that makes it great for cold or wet weather riding.

The 15 Warmest Blankets to Stock Up on This Winter

There’s a funny thing that happens in New York during wintertime: One day, everyone’s breezing through the parks wearing slim camel trenches, and the next, people are buttoned up in puffer coats, darting toward the subway like the next Great Appalachian Storm is upon us. Nevertheless, colder temps are here—and whether you live in the Northeast or are rolling your (icicle-filled) eyelashes from somewhere in the Midwest—we share a mutual interest: the desire to curl up in a warm, cozy blanket. Picture thick, puffy duvets and electric/heated numbers to cult-classic throws like Jenni Kayne’s Alpaca Basketweave and Barefoot Dreams’ CozyChic blanket.

The 8 Best Men’s Thermal Shirts to Keep You Warm—and Alive

As the closest layer to the skin, base layers—also known as thermal shirts—don’t always get the fanfare that outerwear gets. But thermal shirts provide multiple important functions: They’re engineered for comfort, durability, and maintaining core body temperature, all while soaking up sweat so it doesn’t pool on the skin.

37.5 Technology for Cycling Apparel – Winter Test

In the summer of 2022 I tested 37.5 Technology in a jersey and baselayer and the review can be found here. To summarize, I found that the kit with 37.5 Technology did seem to stay drier and cooler in hot weather than similar kit without 37.5. Now I’ve had the chance to test some 37.5 kit in cold weather to see how it performs.