Dynamic Fabric Technology, Proven to Increase Drying Rates

Eco-Dri™ Technology supercharges natural fibers to speed drying times and keep your towels fresher, longer.

Eco-Dri Technology Marketing Claims

  • Powered by Eco-Dri Technology. A truly dynamic technology, Eco-Dri active particles are
    derived from naturally-occurring volcanic minerals that attract and release moisture for
    a towel that dries quickly and stays fresher longer.
  • Cotton fabrics that contain Eco-Dri Technology dry up to five times faster than
    conventional cotton fabrics.
  • Patented, Eco-Dri fabrics trap odors and then release them when laundered.
  • Eco-Dri Technology is a permanent technology that will last the lifetime of your towel. It
    is not a chemical finish; the natural active particles are permanently embedded within
    the Eco-Dri yarns and fibers that make up the towel, so they will never wash out.
  • Eco-Dri fabrics are hypoallergenic and Okeo-Tex certified.

Eco-Dri Technology vs. Standard Cotton

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