Temperature Regulating Bedding

37.5® Technology helps keep you warm when you’re cold and cools you when you’re hot, so you can get the most out of every night’s sleep. We power the temperature regulating sheets, pillows, duvets, blankets and more from leading bedding brands.
How it Works

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Restful Sleep

37.5 active particles absorb the infrared (IR) energy that your body naturally emits, energizing the particles to speed evaporation and aid temperature regulation. Bedding with 37.5 Technology keeps you in your comfort zone more than two times longer. 

Boy Sleeping in Temperature Regulating Bedding - 37.5 Technology
The proof

Is In

Both lab testing and consumer product testing has shown the unmistakable impact that 37.5 Technology has on helping to optimize your body’s ability to regulate temperature and humidity.

  • Bedding products with 37.5 Technology show a relative temperature balancing effect between 5°F to 19°F, compared to standard bedding products without 37.5 Technology that have similar specifications and constructions.
  • A temperature regulating bedding system containing 37.5 Technology keeps you in the comfort zone more than two times longer than traditional bedding without 37.5 Technology.
  • In a study done at the Olympic Training Center, 80% of participants preferred a bedding system containing 37.5 Technology over one without our thermoregulation technology.