Cocona Launches a Brand New Name

sgiSGI Europe, November 16, 2013

Cocona Natural Technologies, the American materials technology company, has decided to put a new brand name – 37.5 – on  its patented compounds, highlighting the fact that they help to maintain body temperature and body humidity during sports activities. Based on coconut husk and other natural microporous materials, they improve moisture management, waterproof breathability and  UV protection.

The  new  brand name was invented during a 45- minute session with Sandstrom Partners, a communication agency that works also for  Nike and  Coca Cola. The new branding was revealed last month at Bauer Performance Hockey’s global sales meeting in Florida in connection with the application of Cocona’s fast-drying technology to the Canadian hockey company’s baselayer garments, its training apparel and  its protective equipment.

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