Natural Performance

“Unlike conventional wicking, 37.5 technology is all about preventing sweating in the first place,” he says. “It works by providing two unique driving forces that no other technology can match. First the 37.5 materials attract water though electrostatic force, pulling it away from your skin, drying out the microclimate. Second, they absorb the infrared energy your body naturally emits, which heats the particle and speeds evaporation.”
He adds that the active particles in 37.5 fibres add up to 1,000 square metres of surface area to an average garment. “The combination of increased surface area and the unique driving forces mean that no other performance fabric can come close to the comfort and performance of 37.5 fabrics,” he claims. 37.5 fibres can be blended with any natural fibre, forming a spun yarn that can be used in a wide range of fabric constructions.