Pacific Coast Feather Company Team with Cocona

WHTT_PCF-37_5Down-Aug-1-2016ill launch performance down products under ComfortMax banner with 37.5 technology
August 1, 2016

Seattle – Pacific Coast Feather Company will unveil a new performance down insulation through an exclusive partnership with Cocona.
The new patent-pending down fill is called ComfortMax and uses Cocona’s 37.5 technology. (37.5 refers to 37.5 degrees Celius, the temperature considered to be the optimum core body temperature for healthy sleep. ) The fill is designed to look, feel, and recover just like premium down, but with advanced heat and humidity management.
Key features of ComfortMax include:

  • Reduces moisture buildup in the down during activity, extending its comfort range;
  • Dries 39% faster than down;
  • Same dry time as DWR down with no dangerous chemicals;
  • No loss of warmth or fill power;
  • Insulates with CLO ratings equal to the highest quality down;
  • Same hand and feel as down;
  • Superior loft, compression, and recovery qualities;
  • Chemical-free performance that will not wash out.

The fill will be available in two levels of performance. ComfortMax 650 has a 650 fill power and is targeted for everyday, all-seasons use. ComfortMax 800 has an 800 fill power suited to luxury products, extreme cold weather or more technical applications.
“We are incredibly excited to partner with Cocona and 37.5 technology to evolve this category, and elevate the consumer experience with Down,” said Joe Crawford, ceo of Pacific Coast Feather Company. “Our joint efforts will enable us to push the future of natural fills, and meet a need in the marketplace for down comfort that far exceeds traditional performance.”
ComfortMax with 37.5 technology is constructed to increase the transportation of perspiration vapor that comes off of skin during activity, preventing it from becoming trapped within the body’s microclimate to minimize overheating and keep the sleeper in a zone of comfort.
“Working on this innovative new development with the PCF team has been a joy,” said Jeff Bowman, ceo of Cocona Inc. “It is rewarding to work with a company that loves their customers and is committed to providing them real technology with actual comfort and performance benefits, not just marketing hype.”