Study Shows 37.5 Technology Increases Athletic Efficiency

WWD LogoJeff Bowman, chief executive officer of Cocona Inc., said “we’re just scratching the surface” of the potential of its 37.5 Technology, but the results of a new study could only add momentum.
Cocona on Monday announced the results from a blind university study that shows wearing 37.5 technology can improve thermoregulation during exercise, which impacts performance.
By reducing the increase in core temperature during exercise, similar to wearing a cooling vest circulating cold water, the added cooling from 37.5 technology increases energy efficiency and output.
The study, “Beneficial Effects of Cooling during Constant Power Non-steady State Cycling” conducted at the University of Colorado at Boulder, shows that 37.5 technology extends an athlete’s performance at their lactate threshold, lowers core temperature during exercise, increases efficiency so an athlete uses less energy to do the same amount of work and decreases the rate of core temperature build up.