Target Dry Explains Outdoor Gear In Easy Terms

“More recently an American company called Cocona® has developed a natural technology that can supercharge the performance of base layers, wicking up to 5 times faster than pure merino. Using Coconut Husks and other natural micro pores materials, they use a patented process where they embed ‘active carbon’ into the yarn. This increases breathability and accelerates evaporation by pulling the moisture across the micro porous particles in the yarn. Cocona® technology will not wash or wear out, and also absorbs a wide range or odours.

British Company Rab® have been one of the first brands to use this technology, blending Merino with the natural Cocona® for their MeCo range of base layers. The same technology can also be used for jackets, mid layers and socks so you can expect to see more brands teaming up with Cocona® in the not too distant future. For more info, see this MeCo review from Outdoors Magic.”

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