Tommy Bahama Using 37.5 Technology in Island Zone Collection


Tommy Bahama is introducing a new category of product for Father’s Day and has turned to 37.5 Technology to power it. The technology uses active particles to capture and release moisture vapor to maintain optimum temperature and relative humidity in the body. This results in better maintaining an ideal core temperature while increasing comfort and enhancing performance.

Up until now, the vast majority of the products that have used 37.5 technology have been activewear or outerwear brands. But Tommy Bahama has created a yarn that blends silk and 37.5 and will introduce it in its camp shirts. Bradley O’Brien, executive vice president of design and product development for the Seattle-based manufacturer, said Island Zone was “largely driven by 37.5. We believe that adding technology in our iconic products is a whole new way to get someone to buy something new.”

To check out the full press release from WWD, follow the link here: Tommy Bahama Using 37.5 Technology in Island Zone Collection

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