Worldwide Fishing Pants

Half Past First Cast |  Pete Robbins

I have a weird body, especially when it comes to finding pants that fit. That’s a problem because the best pants for fishing are usually those that you forget about while you’re wearing them. They protect you from the elements but don’t get in the way, not too tight in the ass or across the front. There are several brands whose clothing I generally like – including Carhartt and Columbia – whose pants often do not fit me well. Accordingly, when I find brands or models that I like, I stick with them.

Earlier this year I added the Ariat Rebar M4 pants to my everyday+fishing lineup, and I practically lived in my Free Fly Latitudes in Alaska. Nevertheless, I’m always on the lookout for more options. Here are __ more sets of bottoms that got ample wear in 2023 and I expect to be in the consistent rotation.


Featured Product Vertx Cutback Pants