Sustainable textile materials for high-performance clothing, footwear, bedding, home goods, and more.

Chemical Free

Our technology uses natural minerals to increase the surface area of fibers, redirect heat energy, and speed evaporation. The result is sustainable temperature control fabrics and materials to maximize your comfort and performance. 37.5 Technology relies on trace amounts of responsibly sourced volcanic sand and activated carbon.

Long Lasting

37.5 Technology is directly embedded into fibers to last the lifetime of the product and never wash away. From activewear and athleisure to calming and cooling bed sheets, the natural longevity of our technology enhances the value and performance of sustainable materials and reduces consumer waste.

Enhanced Biodegradation*

The amount of waste from discarded textiles is at an all-time high. Unlike other synthetic yarns that sit in landfills for centuries, 37.5’s sustainable yarns break down to naturally occurring materials over decades.*

Textile Industry’s Annual Waste

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Enhanced Biodegradation*

We have a solution to the problem of textile waste.

We recognize that there are no easy answers to the problems created by textile waste. But we are confident our decision to enhance biodegradation of 37.5 fibers is an important first step—for both our industry and the planet.

There are very few end-of-life recycling options for textile products, and it takes many centuries for synthetic textiles to biodegrade in a landfill. All 37.5 materials now include an enhanced biodegradation technology to accelerate the natural breakdown of yarns and reduce the burden of plastic pollution, creating truly sustainable synthetic fabrics.

37.5 Technology fibers do not simply fracture into smaller pieces (microplastics) that remain unchanged. The sustainable synthetic fibers actually break down at the molecular level and turn into naturally occurring gaseous byproducts, like those generated by paper and food scraps. Increasingly, modern landfills capture these gasses, using them as renewable energy.

37.5 Technology relies on tiny particles of volcanic sand and active carbon derived from coconut shells. We source small amounts of these plentiful and constantly renewing resources to create sustainable synthetic materials.

Man Above Waterfall in Green Forest

Head to Toe​

37.5® Technology harnesses the power of natural minerals to create sustainable synthetic fabrics, insulations, foams, and laminates that regulate temperature