Insulation with 37.5TM Technology

Other insulations cannot differentiate between blocking heat transfer and blocking moisture transfer so in the process of trapping heat efficiently, they also trap moisture to create a clammy microclimate. This can limit performance due to overheating and create hazardous situations when temperatures drop during periods of rest. 37.5 Insulation solves that problem.

By managing moisture in your microclimate, 37.5 Insulation works in a wider range of situations. Without overheating caused by humidity buildup, there is no need to remove layers to cool down or dry off. You experience a new level of comfort through a wider range of activity level and temperature fluctuations.
By using our 37.5 Insulation in conjunction with 37.5 lining, the benefits of the technology increase greatly.

37.5 Insulation Products:

  • 37.5 Insulation System comprised of 40g, 60g, 100g, or 160g fiber insulation and 37.5 active-particle technology taffeta lining with 37.5 active-particle technology as a print or as a yarn construction.
  • Cocona insulation with 37.5 active-particle technology in 60g, 100g, and 160g weights