Temperature Regulating Fabrics & Materials: Powered by 37.5 Technology

Proprietary 37.5® Technology helps your body stay in its natural comfort zone. We power the temperature regulating fabrics and materials that help keep you cool when it's hot and warm when it's cold.

How 37.5 Technology Works for You

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37.5 Temperature Regulation in Action

Natural Active Particles

37.5® Technology permanently incorporates ultra-porous volcanic minerals and coconut-derived activated carbon into fabrics, insulations, foams, and laminate materials using our proprietary process.

Powered by Your Own Energy

The temperature regulating materials powered by 37.5 Technology work by absorbing the infrared (IR) energy your body naturally emits, which energizes our active particles to speed evaporation and remove humidity next to your skin.

Increased Surface Area

The billions of micro-pores in 37.5 active particles massively increase the surface area of fibers and other materials to remove moisture at the vapor stage—before you even break a sweat. Unlike wicking materials that simply distribute moisture, the temperature regulating fabrics and materials with 37.5 Technology actually remove it.

Moisture Control Vapor Detail in Fabric Fibers - 37.5 Technology
Our Story

How It

37.5 Technology was created by a Ph.D. photo-physical chemist and inventor. In 1992, while in Japan on a JSPS postdoctoral fellowship, he was taken to the volcanic sand baths on Mt. Aso. At first, he thought he would only be able to stand the heat for a few minutes, but once buried in the sand, he found it surprisingly comfortable. So comfortable he stayed in the sand for an hour.

What he realized is comfort comes from balance, a balance between heat gain and heat loss. The volcanic sand was removing the sweat vapor from his skin so fast that he was continually cooled by sweat evaporation.

This was the moment of clarity, he understood that removing the sweat vapor before it turns to liquid sweat was key to comfort. While others were focused on wicking—spreading liquid sweat on fabric—he focused on reducing humidity next to skin to maximize evaporative cooling. And it turned out by enhancing comfort human performance was increased by reducing core temperature buildup. Now you can experience the same phenomena when wearing apparel and footwear made with 37.5 Technology.

Natural Volcanic Sand for Thermoregulation in Hands - 37.5 Technology
Man Skiing in Gear with Temperature Regulating Fabric - 37.5 Technology

What's in a Name?

Your performance and comfort depend on maintaining an ideal core temperature of ~37.5°C, along with a relative next-to-skin humidity of 37.5%. 37.5 Technology does just that. Our thermoregulating fabrics and materials are proven to help you stay at a comfy ~37.5°C and 37% humidity level, no matter how hard you are charging.

Two Children Playing with Hands in Temperature Control Fabric - 37.5 Technology

Permanent & Chemical Free

Experience the 37.5% difference. We permanently embed our active particles into materials. That means our durable thermoregulation technology lasts the lifetime of your product. In contrast, “wicking” materials are treated with a chemical finish that can wash out in just a few laundry cycles.

Temperature Regulating Clothing and Home Goods in Laundry Room - 37.5 Technology

Traps & Releases Odors

Say “so long” to stinky synthetic materials. The active particles in 37.5 Technology actually trap odor molecules and release them in the wash. Products with 37.5 Technology come out smelling fresh wash after wash.

Woman Doing Yoga in Clothing with Temperature Regulating Fabric - 37.5 Technology

Sustainable & Effective

With 37.5 Technology, you don’t have to choose between sustainability and performance. 37.5 Technology is the only fabric technology to combine natural minerals with recycled yarn options and enhanced biodegradation.*

37.5 Technology Up-Close

Single Yarn Filament with Active Thermoregulating Particles - 37.5 Technology

In a single yarn filament, you can see the 37.5 active thermoregulating particles. They are permanently embedded and will never wash out.

Active Thermoregulating Particle - 37.5 Technology

When you look closely at the 37.5 active particles, you can see the massive amount of surface area that each particle brings to the material. This exposed surface is what interacts with your sweat.

More Benefits with Each Layer

37.5 Technology helps your body regulate temperature through the use of active particles permanently embedded within the materials. These particles attract moisture vapor and move it away from the skin. The more of these active particles present in a clothing system (baselayer, midlayer, outerlayer) or bedding system (mattress/pad, sheets, blankets), the more efficiently they can move this humidity away from your skin. Simply put – the more products you use that are made with 37.5 Technology, the better it works.

Expand Your Customer's Comfort Zone

Talk to us today about incorporating 37.5 Technology into your products.


The human body produces heat 24 hours a day. The most important way to regulate temperature is through the release of moisture vapor from the skin as sweat. The temperature regulating fabrics made with 37.5 Technology use ultra-porous minerals to massively increase the fabric’s surface area, attracting and removing this heat and moisture before it can turn into sweat. Using your body’s own energy to speed evaporation and remove humidity next to your skin, this fabric technology adapts to help you stay cooler when it’s hot and warmer when it’s cold.

Trapped moisture in your clothing, footwear or bedding is an amplifier, making hot feel hotter and cold feel colder. 37.5 Technology works with your body to adapt to its needs, keeping you in your ideal comfort zone longer.

37.5 particles absorb the infrared energy that your body naturally emits, powering the particles to either speed evaporation if you’re hot, or to help keep you warm if it’s cold. Because our temperature regulating fabrics are activated by an individual’s own infrared energy, even a cold sleeper and hot sleeper can be comfortable in the same bedding.

For example, testing at Inside Climate demonstrated a relative temperature-balancing effect of 5 – 19° F (or 3 – 12° C) when bedding products with 37.5 Technology were compared against standard bedding products. This means that you spend up to 88% longer in your ideal comfort zone when you sleep in a temperature regulating bedding system featuring 37.5 Technology.

The temperature regulating fabrics powered by 37.5 Technology have been proven in multiple studies to increase performance and keep you in your ideal comfort zone longer. Fabric property tests in a laboratory setting do not always correlate to human comfort. To test how fabrics interact with the temperature and humidity of human subjects and their relative comfort value, we test a broad range of apparel, footwear and bedding with and without 37.5 Technology.

The temperature regulating fabrics with 37.5 Technology have consistently outperformed alternatives in testing at the independent Munich-based institute Inside Climate. For example, denim with 37.5 Technology had a lower combined temperature/humidity value by up to 5.3°F compared to denim with a competing technology. And when you add more layers, you get more benefits. The clothing system was cooler by up to 12.5°F when 37.5 Technology was used in both the denim pants and briefs underneath.


The best fabric for temperature regulation can vary by environment and usage. 37.5 Technology is not only embedded in a wide variety of fabric constructions, but also insulations, foams, and laminates to provide tailored thermoregulation in apparel, footwear, bedding and more.

In independent consumer testing, users consistently prefer products with 37.5 Technology. For example, in one consumer test of insoles made with and without 37.5 Technology, 95% of users preferred the insole with 37.5 Technology for thermal management and 89% preferred the insole with 37.5 Technology for moisture management.

There are very few end-of-life recycling options for textile products, and it takes many centuries for synthetic textiles to biodegrade in a landfill. All 37.5 materials now include an enhanced biodegradation additive to accelerate the natural breakdown of yarns and fibers in a landfill environment and reduce the burden of plastic pollution. 

In a study done by scientists at the University of Colorado Boulder, thermoregulation clothing with 37.5 Technology was scientifically proven to increase athletic performance by up to 26% by reducing the increase of core temperature during activity. Proven to decrease the rate of core temperature buildup and keep you cool more effectively than wicking. Scientifically proven to increase stamina by reducing the amount of energy used to manage core temperature. Proven to increase efficiency so you use less energy to do the same amount of work. This data can be found in the peer-reviewed journal article:¹


¹ “Beneficial effects of cooling during constant power non-steady state cycling”; Homestead, E.P., Ryan, B.J., Goodrich, J.A., Byrnes, W. C.; International Journal of Sports Medicine 2017; 38: 141-149.

37.5 Technology is the only thermoregulating technology to combine natural active particles plus enhanced biodegradation and recycled yarn options. So, you do not need to choose between sustainability and performance.