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What happens if my 37.5 product eventually ends up in a landfill?

There are very few end-of-life recycling options for textile products, and it takes many centuries for synthetic textiles to biodegrade in a landfill. All 37.5 materials now include an enhanced biodegradation additive to accelerate the natural breakdown of yarns and fibers in a landfill environment and reduce the burden of plastic pollution. 

What does “sustainable thermoregulation” mean?

37.5 Technology is the only thermoregulating technology to combine natural active particles plus enhanced biodegradation and recycled yarn options. So, you do not need to choose between sustainability and performance.  

Does 37.5 Technology wash out?

No. 37.5 active particles are permanently embedded at the fiber level, work for the life of the product, and will not wash out during laundering.