Does temperature regulating fabric actually work?

The temperature regulating fabrics powered by 37.5 Technology have been proven in multiple studies to increase performance and keep you in your ideal comfort zone longer. Fabric property tests in a laboratory setting do not always correlate to human comfort. To test how fabrics interact with the temperature and humidity of human subjects and their relative comfort value, we test a broad range of apparel, footwear and bedding with and without 37.5 Technology.

The temperature regulating fabrics with 37.5 Technology have consistently outperformed alternatives in testing at the independent Munich-based institute Inside Climate. For example, denim with 37.5 Technology had a lower combined temperature/humidity value by up to 5.3°F compared to denim with a competing technology. And when you add more layers, you get more benefits. The clothing system was cooler by up to 12.5°F when 37.5 Technology was used in both the denim pants and briefs underneath.


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