A Secret Prototype and the Love of Running in the Winter

A Secret Prototype and the Love of Running in the Winter

By Laura Duff, Marketing & Communications Manager

6AM – I awakened to the usual sound of my 100 pound dog burrowing under the blanket, crushing my legs, making it extremely difficult to get out of bed. I was immediately faced with a dilemma….should I snuggle with my adorable dog for another hour or go for a run? I grabbed my phone and checked the weather. It was a balmy 20 degrees and a light dusting of snow had fallen overnight. As running in the snow, followed by an amazing cup of coffee, ranks as one of my all-time favorites, I suddenly felt inspired and peeled myself out of bed.

Aerobic activity in cold weather has always proved to be a challenge. Dressing for comfort strikes a fine balance between art and science, neither of which suits me very well. If I underdress, I pay the piper at the end of my run. If I overdress, I sweat more than Paula Deen at a Black Panther Party. As a recovering gear junkie, I’ve tried every combination of layering and insulation and I’ve never gotten it right. Then I got my hands on a top secret prototype from one of our brand partners. I was amped to try a new running jacket featuring Cocona 37.5 technology. This thing felt like butter! It was so unbelievably soft, extremely lightweight, stretchy and breathable. So yummy! Then I started to wonder, did this jacket have enough substance to actually keep me warm?

I set out on the trail at dawn, invigorated by the crisp mountain air. This is my favorite time of day. I don’t have to dodge the masses of self-employed day hikers who chronically cause congestion on the Boulder trails. Solitude is my Zen. I normally don’t run with music for fear of being attacked and eaten by mountain lions or at the very least wolverines. For those of you who don’t know, a wolverine is a member of the weasel family. I’ll leave it at that. But on this run, I felt the need to crank some Motley Crue. There’s just something about Tommy Lee that makes me run faster. The first rays of sun hit the Flatirons and I settled into my pace. Then, it struck me. I had reached my four mile mark and I was still wearing my jacket! This was an amazing phenomenon. I was completely focused on my run rather than on the distraction of being sweaty and cold. I wasn’t hot, I wasn’t cold. I was perfect. I was in my sweet spot.

Traditionally, temperature issues would force me to run directly home, eliminating my ability to enjoy my reward, coffee. Thanks to this jacket delivering on its promise, I was able to crank the final three miles with ease and comfortably enjoy my glorious, steaming cup of coffee before leisurely strolling home.

This stuff works. Thanks Cocona!

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