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All Weather Running

Gordon Roe, Sales

I broke my leg almost a year ago.  Not a favorite memory of mine, but an event that must be dealt with.  In the ensuing weeks after ‘the accident’, I did my best to abide by the Doctor’s orders.  He asked that I put no weight on the broken leg for 3 weeks.  I complied.  And had he said, gain 20 lbs…I would have complied as well.  That being said, he didn’t ask for the weight gain but I put on 20 lbs none the less.  Once given the ‘ok’ to start exercising and rehabilitating my leg, I got at it.  I’ve been a runner my whole adult life and I was ready to hit the pavement and trails once again.

Determined to get back in shape (and run my first marathon) I started logging the time and miles needed.  I was pleasantly surprised how the rehab progressed.  The first 10 weeks were hard and painful at times.  Eventually, running the miles became easier, the weight disappeared and before long I was back to my 25 miles or so per week.

But I was unprepared for the effort required to stay on track.  I travel a lot for work.  I am in a different city every day (or every other); Seattle, Boulder, Kansas City, Dearborn, Madison.  And it seems the weather is different every day.  Really different.  Even when I’m at my home in Kansas City, the weather gyrates (48 hours ago the temp was 45*F, today 7*f).  Sometimes it rains, or snows, sometimes it’s unseasonably warm, now it seems unseasonably cold.  All through the weeks of travel and training, I’ve come to realize that my favorite running apparel is a small handful of products that keep me comfortable no matter what.

The socks, tights, base layer, and shell I wear running, all utilize 37.5™ technology.  The performance of which allows me to run in and travel with a small collection of apparel that will suffice no matter the weather conditions.  Being able to stay dry (read- not getting soaked in sweat) means that in the hot/warm weather I’m drier. The evaporative cooling effect means I’m cooler and more comfortable.  And when it’s cold, like this morning in Kansas City where it’s 10 degrees, I’m warmer (because I’m drier). The fact that my clothes are performing as they are means I have more energy to use on running/performing and less on keeping my body ‘comfortable’.

The marathon I’m running is months away.  I have solid plans for training.  And for that training, I know what I’ll be wearing…my 37.5® running togs.  They’ll help me prepare.  And on race day, they’ll help me finish.

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