From soccer star to textile specialist. That’s Alan Lekan. He’s 37.5 Technology’s fabric guru and product development engineer. Please direct all inquiries to Alan.

Freshman Alan set a scoring record at Ohio State soccer right out of the gates. Go Buckeyes!


Enjoying a fine “soda” and exploring Times Square during an Ohio State soccer road trip.


On the road as a newly appointed Dupont Technical Representative. Alan’s first job out of engineering school. It’s a shame that suit didn’t have 37.5 Technology…


Here Alan is showing off his early fashion style in the ’80s in NYC.



Casual bike race at age 25. Last place felt so good (But only in the first race!)


The consummate product tester on a winter climb on Mt. Rainier. Testing, at the time, a new Windstopper fleece for Gore-Tex. Alan worked at Gore-Tex for 8 years, leaving in 1998!


For Alan Lekan’s full biography please head to our Who We Are page.

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