Redington SonicDry Fly Wader Review

Redington SonicDry Fly Wader Review

I own a pair of 4-year old, high-quality waders and consider them a nuisance. I try my very best to avoid them—even though they’re sometimes a necessary nuisance. My waders and I just don’t see much of each other, and something obviously happened while I wasn’t paying attention.

Redington graciously sent me a pair of their latest SonicDry Fly waders, and after just a few hours on the water, it was clear that the company devoted much time and testing to address the three most common wader issues: bulk, fit and fabric type.

The days of the bulky wader thankfully ended a few years ago, and this particular wader manages to raise the bar a little higher. You’ll note the weight, or rather lack of it, the moment you pull the waders from their box. A fine start….

The Redington site lists no less than 12 wader configurations to provide proper fit (including a wide range in foot sizing).  My size LL could not have been adjusted to fit better: snug, not tight, and they stayed that way regardless of which (internal and external) pockets were stuffed with fly boxes or left empty. To my surprise, the wader belt is ideally positioned—something I’ve struggled with nearly all other waders I’ve tested. A belt that’s too high, or low, will throw off even the best tailoring.

See below for fabric specifications,which I won’t bore you with. What I will point out is that the wader is composed of two fabric types, both of which flex nicely. The lighter, top portion breathes well and rolls or folds down without adding too much volume. The lower portion is highly abrasion resistant.  Most of my gear reviews include admittedly unscientific tests, and this one consisted of crawling on fine and medium gravel for longer than one normally would, or should (sorry Redington). Test results were great: no worries if your SonicDry Fly waders encounter some abuse—they can take it.

According to Redington: The SonicDry Fly has an active particle permanently embedded in the fabric to capture and release moisture, drying up to five times faster than similar fabrics, diminishing wet cling.

  These active particles are known as 37.5™ technology, which works to speed up moisture evaporation. I can’t confirm or deny the 5X-faster drying time, as they seemed to dry in a very reasonable amount of time, but I can confirm that wet cling was not an issue at all. These waders just felt good.

Finally, as the product name suggests, sonic seam welding is employed as opposed to sewing, adding that extra bit of confidence that you’ll stay dry throughout your fishing day.

I can’t imagine a product like this existing without a good deal of technical and creative input from anglers. SonicDry Fly attributes and benefits will rapidly be felt and appreciated as soon as you’re on the water.

Highly recommended.

– Robert Morselli of MidCurrent Fly Fishing

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